Tips on Choosing Bridal Accessories with Cloe Noel Designs

“Accessories are the finishing touch to your bridal look. So choose pieces that showcase your dress and your personality.”

Meet Designer Kim Ortiz!

Meet Kim Ortiz, the designer and owner of Cloe Noel Designs in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She designs bespoke bridal accessories in her home studio. Her specialties are one-of-a-kind rhinestone bridal cuffs, couture bridal clutches, and wedding hair accessories, all designed from gorgeous beaded bridal trims and embellishments that are sourced around the world. She loves using lace, pearls, and rhinestone embellishments on all of her collections. Brides who look for dreamy, romantic, unique pieces love her work!

We asked Kim to briefly describe her thoughts on the importance of bridal accessories. Here was her response.

Accessories are the final piece to your bridal style so they should be elegant, special, and of course, have a touch of sparkle. I started Cloe Noel Designs from my love of vintage rhinestone brooches. I love searching and hunting for gorgeous vintage pieces at Antique and Estate sales. The beauty and design of these rhinestone pieces are unmatched to what you’ll find today.

How to Choose Wedding Jewelry

Deciding on accessories may seem more difficult than choosing the perfect dress. To avoid an overwhelming experience, here’s a little guidance and quick tips on how to accessorize your gown.

Stick with a few keys pieces.

Always remember, “less is more”. Choose a few statement pieces rather than accessorizing every part of the body. Kim quotes:

“Accessories are the finishing touch to your bridal look. A bride who chooses a simple elegant dress might want to add a gorgeous rhinestone cuff or necklace and make a statement. If your dress is more detailed and beaded a simple rhinestone earring or a touch of a rhinestone bracelet might be all you need.”


Allow your gown to guide your choices.

The color of your gown should help you decide between gold or silver accessories. Here’s a quick guide we found on The Knot.

If your gown is white: This bright hue looks prettiest with platinum or silver pieces.

If your gown is ivory: Gold jewelry will best enhance this creamy shade.

If your gown is champagne: Gold jewelry will complement the warm tones in this very light beige color. If you’re putting together an antique-inspired look, burnished silver with rhinestones also works well.

If your gown is blush: Try rose gold. The pink cast in the metal will coordinate with the soft pink of the dress.

Also don’t forget to finish your wedding look with a gorgeous clutch. Its the perfect accessory to hold all your wedding essentials for your reception.

Pay attention to the dress’s neckline.

Pay close attention to your gown’s neckline as it will play a vital role in framing your face and in your decision to choose the best jewelry to pair with it. If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline, consider wearing a choker or shorter necklace with your hair pulled back. If not, opt to wear statement chandelier earrings instead. To balance everything out, try adding a smaller bracelet, bangle or cocktail ring. If your dress has a v-neck, a delicate choker or pendant, or both is perfect. Earrings should be small and something that looks best with with your hairstyle. If your dress has a halter, accessorize your hair with sleek, bejeweled pins, combs, vines, etc. Wear a bracelet or a cocktail ring if you’re feeling a bit extra.

Be yourself.

Kim strongly believes that brides should choose pieces that showcase their dress and personality. Picking the perfect pieces for your wedding gown should be a reflection of you and should make you feel happy and confident. “Always choose accessories that you love so you’ll feel like a princess on your wedding day”, Kim says. You can find her beautiful accessories on Cloe Noel Designs’ website,

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