What Insert Cards are Needed with your Wedding Invitations

You’ve successfully mailed Save-The-Dates to your guests and now working on finalizing your wedding invitations. RSVP cards are always included in your wedding stationery, but other insert cards will provide important information that your guests need to know about your event. What insert cards are needed? What information should be included?   Continue reading for some quick tips on invitation insert card etiquette.

What should be included on RSVPs?

Keep it simple and be specific as possible. The first thing should be the response date, followed by a space for guests to write their name and a check box to accept or decline. If the entire family is invited, include a blank for “Number of Guests Attending”. If only a certain amount are invited, add “___ Seats have been reserved in your honor”. If you’re having a seated dinner with meal selections, allow your guests to initial next to the meal they would like. This is important information for the caterer and should be submitted a month before wedding date.

When should we make the deadline? What if they do not RSVP?

Wedding invitations should be sent at least two months before your wedding date. The deadline for response cards should be a month before the wedding date with just enough time to get your final head count to vendors and finalize seating charts. Provide a pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope so that they are conveniently able to respond. In some instances, cards are misplaced, lost in the mail, or forgotten about. Follow up with guests that may need a gentle reminder that the RSVP date is approaching.


What are other ways to collect RSVPs?

They can reply back via mail, email, and even via website. Inform your guests on exactly how you would like them to reply. If you would like them to respond by email or on your website, do not forget to provide your email address or website and the important information you need them to check off.

Do I need a Reception card?

Reception cards are the best way to notify your guests that the reception will take place at a different venue. Typically, these insert cards are only necessary if the wedding ceremony and reception are not at the same location. They are also useful if your invitation card is short on space. There are numerous ways to word them such as “The celebration continues with cocktails, dinner and dancing…” or “Please Join Us for drinks, dinner and merriment…” but always remember to include the start time of the reception and the address of the venue.

What are Accommodation cards ?

Accommodation cards inform your out of town guests about comfortable lodging. It’s convenient for them but also for you and some local guests that may not want to drive home after a long night of partying. Find a nearby hotel and arrange to rent out a block of rooms. Your guests will be able to rent them out at a discounted price until a certain date. Purchase accommodation cards if room blocks were arranged. The suggestive way to word them is using “For your comfort and convenience, we have set aside a block of rooms at…” Include the suggested hotel(s), address, booking deadline, and phone number to make reservations.


Wedding stationery can be a bit confusing but we’re here to help! Visit our FAQ section for answers to some of your questions or contact us directly for more information.




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