5 Top Wedding Color Trends of 2018

With a New Year comes new wedding trends and styles. These are some of the top trending wedding color combinations of 2018.

Planning your big day for some time in 2018? With each New Year comes new trends to inspire the beginning of your happily ever after, and this one is no exception! New brides-to-be need to stay in the know of the up-and-coming trends for the year, and we at PAPER & LACE are here to make sure our brides are on top of 2018’s top wedding color trends.

The color scheme of your wedding day plays a huge part in the overall style and atmosphere you are trying to create. Your colors should reflect both your personal taste and the theme of your setting. Let’s take a look at what’s trending this year, and how you can implement these palettes into your big day.

What to expect in 2018 wedding colors

From dusty reds to deep blues, the 2018 color trend forecast highlights soft, romantic, and elegantly chic hues. Accented with floral tones and dynamic metallic, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration for your 2018 wedding color palette! Let’s dive in to some of the top combinations:

Navy and Blush Rose

Navy is definitely the new black. More and more, brides and grooms are inching away from traditional black and opting to go with navy (midnight blue) as the base hue of their wedding color palette. Navy is a continually chosen color because of the way it fits into so many different schemes.

Here, we’re pairing navy with blush to create a dynamic, bold-meets-soft feel. Navy fits perfectly as a replacement for the traditionally-black groom and groomsmen tuxedo. Blush rose works wonderfully as a floor-length gown for bridesmaids, paired with gold shoes and accessories. Both hues can meet and blend within the floral arrangements, invitations, table settings, and other décor.

Lush Green and Peach


Earthy tones are dominating the 2018 wedding market, and mossy greens are one of this year’s top contenders. Paired with ivory and peach hues, this color combination can be dressed up or down. Peach is also a great compromise for pink because it isn’t overly feminine.

There is a lot to work with when it comes to decor with this super-natural, bohemian-garden color combination, so the possibilities are endless! We especially love the bold peach lip on the bridesmaid (top, right image) paired with the green baby’s breath flower crown.

Silver and Lilac


First, let’s tackle these colors separately:

  • Silver is definitely the metallic of the moment! Sure gold and brass are will always be timeless wedding hues, but in 2018 we’re seeing a lot of silver and chrome being introduced to the wedding-sphere.
  • When you think of lilac, your mind may instantly settle on ‘purple,’ but this warm and soft hue offers so much more than its base color. Lilac somehow brings together a light, dusty, and fresh look all in one. Combining soft lilac with shiny silver offers a sleek and sophisticated, yet gentle and feminine finish.

These two colors will work with virtually any season this year, creating the perfect blend of elegance and nature. When it comes to décor, consider adding hints of platinum, rhinestone, or crystal to amplify a formal feeling.

Burgundy and Gold


If you’re into more of a traditional metallic, gold will always be in style. The bright, yet rich shimmer of gold oozes elegance and a classic wedding feel.

Similar in depth to navy, burgundy has a certain richness that just radiates a feel of elegance. Pair it with gold and hints of beige, and you’ve got a palette that is equal-parts classic bride and modern matrimony.

When it comes to the 2018 timeline, we especially love this hot color combination for the fall and winter seasons – combining the darker, more subdued burgundy with the spark of light from gold would create a perfectly warm and glowing atmosphere.

Shades of Blue


We may have already mentioned navy, but blue is such a complex wedding color that it deserves a second round of attention. The best part? You don’t have to pick just one blue. Shades of royal, periwinkle, sky, midnight, and tiffany blend surprisingly well with each other – and very well with slate gray.

Floral can sometimes be limited in blues (but we suggest mixing in hydrangeas, orchids, and accent berries), so your other décor, attire, and wedding stationary can be rich with color and creativity to get this color palette across. When it comes to this wedding palette, you won’t have any trouble incorporating your “something blue” into your ceremony.

With 2018 well underway, we are super excited and already obsessed with each of these wedding color trends. We’re sure that many of these will show up in ceremonies and celebrations throughout the year, and we can’t wait for the beautiful pictures.

Planning a 2018 wedding? Start with one of these popular 2018 wedding color palettes and let your inspiration run wild! We have not doubt you’ll be motivated by these brilliant and beautiful color combinations.

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