5 Basics To Wording Wedding Invitations

The wedding is at least 6 months out and now you’re ready to order your invitations, but you have no idea how to word them! “Less is more” so the best thing to do with wedding invitation wording is keeping it simple. More than likely, your guests will skim over the invitation and absorb the most important pieces of information. Save time by including these basics and use your creative energy elsewhere.


First, identify who is hosting or paying for the event. In the example below, you’ll notice the parent’s names are listed in the very first line since they are hosting and paying for this wedding.


Formal wedding invitations have one of two requests.  If the event is being held in a place of worship the phrase ‘request the honor of your presence….’ is used. ‘Request the pleasure of your company’ is used for secular locations.  If the couple is hosting, it is common to use ‘invite you to join us at the celebration of our marriage’.



Traditionally, the bride is listed first and if she shares a last name with her parents, only the first and middle names are included.  The groom is identified with title (Mr. / Dr. / etc.), first, middle, and last names.  A more modern interpretation often includes just the first and last names of both parties. In this example, they use the modern approach.


The date and time are always spelled out, with the month and day being capitalized. Remember, there is no ‘and’ when writing out the year. A correct example is two thousand seventeen, not two thousand and seventeen.


If the ceremony is at a well-known location the street address does not need to be included. Similarly, the zip code never needs to be included on the wedding invitation.  If you are including a Directions card with your suite, list the directions and more specific address information on there. In this example, you’ll notice there is no zip code.

Planning for your wedding isn’t so bad, right?! We hope we’ve saved you some time and headache. If you have any questions in regards to wedding invitations, comment below and request your sample(s) with us today!

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