Tashy Marie’s Top 5 Makeup Tips

I strive to make everyone see their own beauty and feel comfortable in their skin.

Finding the perfect vendors for your special day can be a bit challenging, to say the least, so we’d love to share our favorite local talents as we connect with them. We’ve recently reconnected with the inspiring makeup artist, Natasha Russo, the owner of Tashy Marie Makeup from South Florida. The passion behind her voice when speaking with her reminded us of Marc Anthony’s popular quote, ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’

Tashy became a full-time artist four years ago and hasn’t looked back ever since. With her love for beauty and an amazing team of artists and stylists that share the same passion, we’re sure she’s not going anywhere! She’s honored to be a part of her clients’ special moments and is ready to glam them up anytime and any day. When she told us, ‘I get to do what I love everyday’, we believed her because while she was off the clock, she kindly provided her top five makeup tips to share with our readers!


Natasha’s number one rule is take care of your skin! She begs her clients to cleanse, tone, and moisturize, a discussion she has with her brides during their trials. Remove your makeup at night and gently exfoliate a couple times a week. Stick to a routine and products that work within your budget. Great makeup begins with great skin. Having great skin will allow the makeup to go on to your skin better as it will be more moist and softer, easier to both apply and take off at night.

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If you’re creating your own makeup look, start with eyes. You can check out a decent eyelash curler to use to train your lashes and curve them into the shape you want. Starting with the eyes when applying makeup is always a good shout.This will allow you to make a mess and blend as much as you’d like without fallout (eyeshadow) ruining your concealer. Use a cotton swab or a flat concealer brush and some moisturizer to clean up your eye look, especially when doing a dramatic eye, such as a smokey eye.


We’re sure you’d want to keep a flawless face throughout the day so make sure to bring a touch up kit with you when going to a special event. Include blotting papers, your lip products, some powder, and a makeup sponge. If you work with Natasha, she gives them to her clients for free. As a Florida resident, she knows how it feels to deal with sweat and an unwanted shiny face!

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No wants to have a strange reaction to a new product right before their wedding so avoid trying new things! Now is not the time to try that new facial you saw on Instagram. Do not attempt to do any last minute peels, skin treatments, or anything that is out your normal routine.


Hire a professional makeup artist! Professional makeup artists and hair stylists have the education, tools, technique, and experience to create the looks that suit you. You’re guaranteed to look beautiful in person and in your photos. You’ve invested so much into the décor, the food, your guests, your dress, photography and video… don’t let your makeup and hair be a second thought!

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Hire an artist like Natasha, who is capable of doing an amazing job as well as providing a calming supportive presence on a pretty exciting day. She has all the products you would need and during your trial, a skincare plan can be discussed. If there are any products you would like to keep, Tashy can purchase it for you. Email is the best way to reach her and the team but feel free to connect with her on other platforms as well.

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