7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations More Lavish

The moment you mail out your wedding invitations marks a huge milestone in the overall planning of your big day. But before reaching that milestone, there comes the process of designing your invitations, assembling them, and adding your own personal touches.

First things first – you’ll want to design your wedding invitations by choosing a style that fits you (and your fiancé) and the vision for your wedding day. After that, it’s time to layer on the luxe.

At PAPER & LACE, we want to make sure your invitations are just as lavish, sophisticated, and unique as your actual wedding will be. Here are our top tips for taking your wedding invites from average to lavish:

Get luxurious with letterpress printing

Take average, straightforward printing to the next level with timeless, sophisticated letterpress printing. The letterpress technique involves raising a plate of the invitation design, inking it, and physically pressing it onto the stationery. The pressure of the transfer leaves the traditionally thick and soft stock with a deep impression of the design.

The result?  A look and texture that creates somewhat of a three-dimensional surface. Letterpress is totally in vogue and popular among modern brides. Its lavish look and timeless feel creates the perfect balance of sophistication and elegance.

Go glam with foil stamping

We’ve yet to come across a better way to make your wedding stationery shine than with real foil incorporated into your custom wedding invitation design. Foil stamping is the only way to achieve a true and opaque metallic shine on your invites.

Using the same deep impression as letterpress, foil stamping involves metallic foil being sandwiched between a plate with raised artwork or verbiage and paper. Pressure is used to transfer the foiled design onto the card stock.

The result? A shiny, luxe invitation that glitters in the light. Foil colors are traditionally silver or gold – but rose gold, copper, and bronze are also increasingly popular.

Get classy with crystals

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but Swarovski crystals are your invite’s best friend! Add some extra sparkle and shine to your wedding stationery with Swarovski crystal embellishments.

Either consult with your stationer to see what options they offer for crystal embellishments, or invest in your own supplies and get DIYing. Just be sure to purchase quality stationer’s glue and adherence tools – you wouldn’t want your invitation’s crystals falling off in transit and slipping to the bottom of the envelope before even reaching your invitees’ homes.

Get swanky with silk

You can never go wrong with a little ribbon, and at PAPER & LACE, we absolutely love the luxe feel of 100% Silk Ribbon.  A plain stationery set becomes wedding-worthy with the elegant accent of pure silk.  You can also try layering your ribbon with a lace belly band for an extra feminine touch. The pairing looks amazing layered across the center of your stationary suite.

Don’t skimp on the envelope

Personalizing the packaging of your wedding invites adds a unique, special touch. Custom envelope liners are the perfect fix for taking your invitations to the next level.

Add a pop of color and personality by lining envelopes with glitter, patterns, or even a customized monogram. There are plenty of online outlets where you and your fiancé can create your own custom logo. Get DIYing and print your monogram logo onto sheets of paper; then cut them to use as note cards or envelope liners.

Invest in a custom stamp

Don’t mar your invites by sticking a standard-issue stamp on the envelope. Your choice of postage adds a finishing touch to your wedding mail. Pick stamps that match your wedding theme and colors or interests as a couple (e.g. an adorable picture of your dog).

To build a personalized stationery suite, upload your own image to a stamp customization website and create your own.

Don’t forget to place postage on return items. Include stamped and addressed envelopes on  RSVPs for your wedding guests. That way they don’t have to pay for their postage.

Get lacy with laser cuts

Fashioned into gatefold or pockets, laser cut stationery looks super chic! These laser cut pockets shown above give off the illusion of lace and embroidery without veering away from traditional stationary (and without bulking up your envelopes!).

Incorporate these luxurious upgrades into your wedding stationery suite and you’re invites will be anything but average! Don’t know where to start? Browse the offerings at PAPER & LACE to get your luxe juices flowing!

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