What to Include in Your Wedding Program

Wedding programs are totally trending in the PAPER & LACE shop lately, so we figure that now is the perfect time to create a “how-to” guide when it comes to your wedding programs. As pros in the wedding circuit, we at PAPER & LACE always stress to our clients that one of the most important and rewarding aspects of their wedding is to creating an inviting and warm environment for their guests. In fact, creating that environment should be a main focus throughout your entire wedding planning process. And one of the easiest ways to help make your guests feel welcome and involved with your wedding is through the use of wedding programs!

Wedding programs offers a great way to help your friends and family understand any special or customary traditions within your wedding ceremony, introduce guests to who’s who in the wedding party, and provide direction for the remaining events of the day

The best part here is that creating a wedding program doesn’t have to be complicated! If anything, keep things simple, beautiful, and straightforward. A little customization and creativity here or there never hurts, either! The experts at P&L are here to share what you should include in your wedding programs:

Step One: Choose a Design

When it comes to designing your wedding programs, opt for something that matches your wedding invitations and other custom stationery for a cohesive look throughout your celebration.

These days, there are a number of program designs you could choose to go with. You could stay on the traditional path with a single card or a folded booklet, or get creative with something like program fans for an outdoor ceremony. Once you’ve picked your design, here’s how easy it is to fill in the details:

Outline the Basics

Your wedding programs should provide your guests with information that will guide them through your ceremony. Start off with these general details that must be included and build from there:

  • The bride and groom’s names
  • The date of the wedding ceremony and the location
  • A brief word of welcome, a blessing, or prayer
  • An outline of the proceedings
  • The names of everyone participating in your ceremony

The most important details – the date and the couple’s names – should appear at the very top and/or on the front cover. Including the place of the ceremony and a picture of the couple are additional tidbits of information that you may choose to personalize your program with. If you have a theme in your wedding, your program is the perfect place to add that vintage detail or custom design.

Fill In the Blanks


When you’re getting into the details that you will include on your wedding program, you have the option of keeping things more general or really specific.

First and foremost the proceedings could be straightforward (Welcome, Readings, Exchange of Vows, The Kiss!) or go into detail about the order of the processional, which readings are included, and any additional blessings or unity rituals you’re including.

For a religious ceremony in particular, you should include the names of any readings or songs that will be included in the ceremony, with the optional addition of page numbers so guests can follow along in the scripture.

When you’re naming your wedding party, the traditional format is as follows:

  • The parents of the bride
  • The parents of the groom
  • The bridesmaids and groomsmen (with the maid of honor and best man listed first),
  • The flower girl and ring bearer
  • Ushers and readers
  • The officiant

If you plan on getting married by a religious officiant or someone whose job enables them to perform a marriage (like a judge), be sure to include their proper title (Father Michael Smith, Rabbi Andrew Zimmerman or The Honorable Samuel Brown). You could also list everyone’s names in the order in which they’ll walk down the aisle so guests can follow along as each person appears.

Get Creative

No wedding is complete without a few personal touches!

Your wedding program can help set the tone for the rest of your event so take advantage of inflicting some creativity here. Your wedding program is a great way to share with your guests more personalized and creative details about you and your groom as a couple.

From song lyrics to favorite poems, your wedding program can tell more of your story and help all in attendance really get to know both of you.

Give the Rest of the Details


If your wedding ceremony and reception are being held in two different locations, you may also want to include the name and address of your reception venue and the reception start time on the back or bottom of your wedding program.  That way guests will know where to head after your first kiss (and what time to get there!).

When it comes to creating a wedding program that’s right for you, stick to the basics by including a run-down of the ceremony, acknowledgement of who is who in the wedding party, and personalizing details to make your program stand out in order to set the tone for a wonderful wedding. And don’t forget to create something custom and unforgettable.Contact the experts at PAPER & LACE BOUTIQUE today and we will help you create a magical, unique, and totally-customizable wedding program ahead of your big day!

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