Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Throw your best friend a party she will remember, a bachelorette party that’s just as unique and fun as SHE IS. Your BFF deserves a great last party, a bon voyage to her single life. We have listed a big bunch of fun and unique bachelorette party ideas to get your creative ideas flowing. Don’t feel like you must copy a party idea to the T, but rather give it your own twist that will fit your bride to be perfectly. Whether you are super busy and need to plan something with little time and effort, or you have time to place a whole itinerary, you’ll find something here to get you started.

Glamping Out of Town

Take the group of ladies into the wild! But not too far, glamping is a good go between. You won’t be covered in bugs and gross things, but you’ll be far enough removed from the everyday that you can really relax and enjoy your time. We’re thinking a gorgeous cabin in the woods with its own pool, or a luxe wilderness hotel on the beach.

Make sure to keep the group entertained, and throw in a cool adventure with your trip. If you choose the mountains, horseback riding is a must! If you head to the beach, you’ll obviously need to throw in some snorkeling or a parasailing adventure.

An Evening of Wine Tasting or a Vineyard Tour

If your group is a more reserved and classy type, then a local vineyard tour would be an absolute perfect trip! A tour typically comes with wine tasting at the end, so your day is full of fun activities all planned by the vineyard. Once you book the tour for this unique bachelorette party, you can just sit back and relax, letting them take care of the rest as they host the group.

A Day of DIY

This can be many things, from a simple paint night out to a more elaborate glass blowing class. A few ideas that fit well for a lady about to become a Mrs. are:

  • DIY lingerie making ( if you’re in Philadelphia check out Madelynn
  • Take a class to paint or sketch a nude model! 🤪
  • Painting With a Twist offers great unique bachelorette party events
  • If the wedding still needs some hand made decor, get the ladies together and make it happen! Bring some booze and music, maybe a karaoke machine, and have fun with it.
  • Cooking class
  • Pottery making class, or pottery painting class

Go Yachting

If you’re feeling like luxury and blue water with warm sun, go for it. Get the girls to Miami and get on a yacht and live like the queens that you are! Yachts usually come with easy booking for the whole package and vendors they work with closely. This allows you to order food, alcohol, and even entertainment through one person, one company. Super simple. Sometimes they can even arrange a ride from your hotel to the dock, and back!

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great option for a group that is high energy. This will keep you running around, and could even be used to get any last minute party decor or gift favors for the wedding. If you still need any pieces to put in your goodie bags, make sure to put that on the list and each group has to get one or a few to checkmark that off the list. A good scavenger hunt has some super fun things included, along with some embarrassing or not so much fun must do’s. Something like grab a group photo with strangers can be fun for one person, and a more worrisome experience for others. Whoever checks the most boxes off, or all of them first, wins! A great winning prize is a bottle of wine for the party, or a gift card to your favorite salon.

Weekend Music Festival

Just make sure its not Fyre 😂

But seriously, a music festival is a great way to please a large crowd, and something to remember. We would suggest getting VIP tickets or booking a gazebo for the weekend fun, so you all have a place to meet back up and to get the party started before the music starts pumping. You might be able to even Glamp at the festival itself!

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