How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

So you’re getting married? Eeep, how exciting! Now you get to start planning a wedding, and wow there is so much to think about. Planning a wedding can be so much fun. Especially planning and choosing the décor and wedding colors. One of the biggest decisions for your décor as well as your overall bridal party look, is the color combination you choose for your wedding. It will set the tone for your photos, videos, and the mood of the evening.

Some people go very classic and timeless for their wedding colors. Others choose a more wild and exciting color combo. No matter your taste or vision, we have some tips on how to choose the best colors for your wedding, and a few color combinations we particularly appreciate.


Before you choose your wedding colors, you need to choose a theme, and then find colors that compliment your overall style goal. Now a theme doesn’t have to mean something bold and elaborate like a circus themed wedding, though that’s cool too! Many themes are simpler, like a winter wonderland with a lot of silvers and pine green, or a classic black and white. A big wave of rustic or country themed weddings came through in the past few years, and is still totally adorable, no matter how many times it’s been done. Once you have decided on what style of wedding you wish to have, then you can much more easily decide on your wedding color choice. Here are a few choices that might spark inspiration:


Think soft hues of pinks and corals with calligraphy and other delicate touches. Adding natural pieces like succulents or lavender create this romantic feel, too.

Rockabilly or Pin Up

A great choice for the edgy couple that wishes to get colorful! Think 50s silhouettes with reds, polka dots, and teals. You could even use old records as your plate chargers for your reception settings.

Rockabilly Table Decoration Ideas | You Lucky Dog! In 2018 Rockabilly Wedding Table Decorations – Wedding Decoration


A fun theme that can be playful with the oranges and pinks from tropical flowers, or can become very classy with white lace and the greenery of palm trees.


This can go from a classy 20s Gatsby vibe all the way to a fun loving 60s soul theme. Use your imagination! If you thought the pin up theme was a little too bold for you, but you love the era, here you go. With vintage dress shapes and classic colors, you can create an old Hollywood glamour type of evening. Make sure to get a hairdresser versed in the roller curl styles, so you and your gals can look the part from top to bottom.


This is similar to your rustic wedding, but adding some colorful lounge pillows and cloth draping brings another dimension to the atmosphere. Think bright colors, henna style patterns, and lots of linens. Rustic outdoorsy feel is key, but with plenty of colorfully patterned fabrics and flowers to bring it all together.

Maybe you have no real theme, and that’s fine too! Your colors can do the talking for you. A mood board is great to get yourself organized and bring the different color options together. This will help  you really get a feel for what the palette will look like on your bridal party and in the venue. If you’re a super visual person, a cork-board and pinned magazine photos is a fun way to get started. You can involve your significant other or friends easily with this method, too. A Pinterest board is perfect for an on the go gal who wants to add to her board whenever inspiration strikes. You can give multiple people the ability to pin on the board as well, if you want collaborators or second opinions. Now that you have decided on a theme or basic feel for your wedding, it’s time to get to the nitty gritty.

Primary Color

Now you can choose your primary wedding color. This is your main color, the one that will be throughout the entire wedding and the bridal party. It’s the foundation of your décor! This color is important, and used often, so choose something you adore and love. A fun color is great, but avoid too dark or neon. Really, avoid anything too overpowering if you saw an entire wall painted in it. That might sound extreme, but this color will be used in photos, video, and everything else, so you don’t want to grow tired of it! Common, naturally occurring colors are a great place to start. Think the soft greens and blues of the ocean, or sandy browns and corals on the beach.

Accent Color(s) or Pattern(s)

To complete your theme, you can choose one to three complementary colors or patterns. If you have more than four total colors, the space can start to look too can become overwhelming. Great accent colors are things that nicely compliment your primary color, but aren’t completely opposite of them. When there are two colors, directly opposite the color wheel, it tends to be too powerful in a decor setting. Here’s an example:

To a select few, this may seem beautiful. Though it is in it’s own way, it is still largely distracting and outdated. This feels like a Christmas party rather than a classy wedding. Let the red move to a berry or maroon. Or Switch the dark green out for a dark navy or brown and you’re talking business again. Moving away from primary colors, and choosing a variation of the primary color, is a great way to show sophisticated style.

Let one color get the limelight, while the others simply enhance its beauty. Two bold colors creates a slight visual chaos and can even cause some mild anxiety for certain individuals. Nothing to worry about, but it does change the atmosphere. If you want a casual and fun party, then choose some more bold options. If you’re looking for a simpler or more romantic vibe, choose soft hues that effortlessly blend.

Here are a few examples of color palettes that compliment each other:

This orange dream is a playful and obviously summer wedding. The colors are bright and cheerful but can be perfect when placed in a minimal and elegant way. This is great for a couple that want to entertain, have some drinks, and dance the night away. Head on over to The Knot to see 14 more good color combinations already made up ; from the playful to the classic.

Below is a more subtle wedding color palette great for year round. Swapping out the dark greens for navys or blacks would also do the trick. Even a maroon and gold wedding would be beautiful. This style and the color combos mentioned are for a couple who wish to celebrate with both the kiddos and grandparents alike. An all around good time that can be a beautiful memory for everyone who joins.

Whatever your style and choice of wedding colors, we wish you all the best! Don’t stress too much, and give yourself plenty of time to change your mind. Sleep on your decision, wear it around for a few days, then really make the commitment. Once you’re ready, we can help you find the perfect invitations with your color scheme. Comment below if you have another good suggestion for our readers, or any questions. We hope to have given some help to you in choosing your best wedding colors. XOXO

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