Inside 3 of the world’s most lavish weddings

A wedding is sometimes a person’s most expensive life event celebration, but these three couples went even further than that! We are here to take you inside three of the world’s most lavish weddings you have ever seen. Journalists broadcasted or cover most of these weddings in some way. All have been recorded as some of the most expensive and glamorous weddings the world has ever seen.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

You’ve heard of it, you probably read a few articles about it, maybe you even tuned into the ceremony on live TV. The wedding of Prince William to Catherine (Kate) Middleton was worldwide. More than 180 countries, actually. That’s an estimated 2 billion people! Many were on site as well, and the security took $32 million of the $34 million total budget. Wow! With all that fuss, you can bet there was a large amount of journalists to match. We are here to sort through all that press, find the juicy tidbits you want to hear about, and leave the small details to another. In fact, if you want the scrupulous details of this lavish wedding, just visit the royal site for an organized play by play. You can even watch the 3 hour event in its entirety.

For Princess Diana

In this lavish wedding it all starts with an ode to the late Princess Diana, the groom’s mother. She was definitely felt in spirit in Westminster abbey with small details paying homage to her life. When Will and his brother first entered the abbey they made a point to speak with Diana’s immediate family first. The church played Diana’s favorite hymn, along with others. Kate used some of the gorgeous flowers in her bridal bouquet from the same exact bush that Diana fashioned her own bouquet from.

After the vows, the couple whisked themselves away in a beautiful open carriage. Their journey from the Westminster Abbey Church to Buckingham Palace was a spectacle to see. They were in the very same carriage that held Will’s parents nearly 30 years prior! Following his parents lead on the balcony of Buckingham palace, Will and Kate took their first newlyweds kiss and chose to carry on the tradition. Many cameras and people were present to capture this moment and compare it with the first iconic royal marriage kiss, which are stunningly alike.

The Dress

We cannot forget to mention the handmade, perfectly fitting dress of Princess Kate’s. A Sarah Burton design from the luxury fashion house of Alexander McQueen meant this dress was going to be a fabulous creation. An iconic designer, paired with handmade lace sleeves and a deep V in the neck, brings the timeless and modern style together perfectly. Kate’s offset the classic wedding dress with her second bridal look, a silky strapless gown and cashmere cardigan to create a sophisticated evening ensemble.

Designers in America were up to catch the first glimpse of the dress on TV at 5 am. Kate’s lavish wedding dress was kept secret, and so anticipated, that some designers started work on their own versions immediately after seeing the dress for the first time. Many sketches were made to make a less expensive version of the beautiful dress. Kate’s displayed the dress at Buckingham Palace for a few months in the summer of 2011. It actually created a huge buzz and intake of visitors.

Kate’s maid of honor wore white too! Pippa, Kate’s sister, was the only bridal party Kate needed. The world wasn’t sure what to think of Pippa also wearing a white gown for the wedding, but Kate didn’t seem to mind! Sometimes all white is perfectly posh for a lavish royal wedding.

The Old English Rhyme

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe.” This is an old english rhyme which names the four good-luck objects and a sixpence. The wives tale says that a bride should include these somewhere in her wedding outfit, or carry them with her on her wedding day.

  • Something old to show a continuation and continuity, or sentiments. Kate chose the lace sleeves of her dress, made by hand with centuries old royal lace techniques.
  • Something new to show optimism toward the future and the couple’s new chapter. Kate’s parents gifted her beautiful teardrop diamond earrings for her something new, that she wore on her wedding day.
  • Something borrowed to bring the couple good luck by borrowing something from a happily married friend or relative. Kate donned a stunning crown borrowed from Queen Elizabeth herself.
  • Something blue to deflect the Evil Eye. The blue stands for love, purity, and fidelity, and many brides would traditionally wear it as a blue garter belt. Kate chose to have a blue ribbon sewn into her dress.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

This lavish wedding also started off quite iconic. First, the wedding was held at the Palace of Versailles and is the ONLY private function to have ever been held there. Second, Kylie Minogue performed amidst several other bollywood artists, completed with fireworks at the Eiffel tower during the reception. Vanisha is the daughter of India’s richest man, and one of the highest earners in the world. Plus, invitations were made 20 pages long, sent in a silver box, and included guests’ airline tickets and accommodations. They had over 1,500 guests…

The 1,000 + guests had all their travel costs completely covered. This includes jet rides to the location, 5-star hotel stays, coordination to the different events and anything else the family might have to spend while attending the couple’s week long wedding. As tradition calls, there were several dinners and celebrations held for guest’s entertainment during the week.

Everything had an acute attention to detail. Even the flowers were arranged by a highly skilled team of dutch florists. The traditional Hindu wedding was complete with all the traditional rituals as well. There was absolutely no media coverage whatsoever of the event, and no photography because of these rituals. The family rented grounds for the eiffel tower in order to clear it for the fireworks display. And a 24 hour snack bar was available for guests throughout the weeklong celebration. There were countless subtle grand gestures during the event that created one of the world’s most lavish wedding celebrations ever. Too bad we don’t have many photos, we bet the decor was stunning!

Khadija Uzhakhovs and Said Gutseriev

Have you ever seen a billion dollar wedding? This 20 year old was the bride in one. Khadija  tied the knot to Said Gutserieve, 28 years old, in this large and lavish russian wedding in 2016. She was still a student at Moscow State University at the time, studying dentistry. The wedding was entirely paid for by the groom’s father, a business owner worth $6.2 billion. He also employed his son as a director in his business. The event was extremely gorgeous, and we are feeling a little bit jealous, okay.

A Dress with a Workout

Khadija’s Elie Saab dress is worth up to $18,000 and was imported from Paris. The intake package posted its weight at nearly 28 pounds from all the beadery and embellishments! The elaborate dress was so large and heavy that Khadija needed help to walk around in it. Paired with several diamonds on her wrists, neck, and in her tiara, the look was stunning. This wedding was a fairytale dream come true.

The Stuff of Fairytales

Gutseriev’s wedding was extremely lavish and elaborate with fresh flowers in bundles across the floors, lining the stairs, even hanging from the ceiling with lights in between. Khadija gifted each of her guests an ornate jewelry box encrusted with diamonds. Even the cake was taller than the bride herself and doubled as decor. Jennifer Lopez herself, not a tribute act, performed at the wedding. And not just a song or two, J. Lo had three outfit changes! Enrique Iglesias was in attendance as well.

Can you imagine having a wedding so grand and lavish as any of these? What a party! And amazing photos to last a lifetime.

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