Throw the ultimate destination bachelorette party

Destination bachelorette parties are the new way to give your bride one last weekend with the girls before she’s whisked away on her honeymoon. This is also the perfect way for a bunch of ladies who live in separate cities, to get together easily. Who knows, maybe you can get to a new city no one has been to yet!? Traveling itself is a great gift, and throwing a destination bachelorette party has to be about the best beach party a girl could ask for.

Bachelorette destination party with hats in pool at a tropical mountain and ocean paradise

Let’s Get Planning (6 months out)

So you’ve decided to plan this thing, but now what? It can be overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put down a list of all the things you’ll need to plan out like a budget, and a few fun extras you might not have thought about. Always consult your bachelorette first and see what she has in mind for her destination bachelorette party. So let’s get to planning!

  • Guest List – The who’s who. How many IT girls are celebrating with the bride to be?
  • Budget – Think about what you’re offering, and what you’ll be asking the girls to pay for themselves. Make sure these numbers make sense for everyone, and always leave a little wiggle room. You never know when something fun could pop up.
  • Destination – Pick a spot that makes sense for your budget and for what your group will be doing. Does your bride like to party or is she more low-key?
  • A Date – Now you have a budget and a destination for the bachelorette party, pick a date/season where flights aren’t too pricey and the weather is good.
Plane flying over ocean city

4 Months Away

We’re getting close, but there is still plenty of time to dream and plan. If you ever needed an excuse, this is an opportune moment for a shopping triiip!

  • Flights – Send out reminders and encourage everyone to buy their flights within the next few months. Sometimes flights can be cheaper farther out, and some are better closer to the date. If you’re having trouble deciding, try Hopper for help with predicting price drops and best times to buy based on user’s location and destination.
  • Accommodations – In the next few months accommodations should be taken care of as well. You can block a section of the hotel for the girls to purchase themselves by calling the hotel. A cost effective and fun way to celebrate is renting a suite or penthouse for the group, each lady can pitch in if the price becomes overwhelming. Same goes for a group Air BnB which is even more cost effective than a hotel.

2 Months Out

Not to fret, things have time to work themselves out, but now is the when plans should start solidifying and the puzzle pieces come together. Reach out for a little assistance if things start to get overwhelming.

  • Flights & Accommodations – should definitely be booked and squared away within the month.
  • Favors – If you are going to give your ladies favors or a goodie bag to get the bachelorette party started, now is the time. It’s much easier to order these treats at the destination of the bachelorette party but this plan can be a little more costly. If you are trying to cut costs you can create favor bags yourself with bulk buys and separating the items into each bag. This can be a pain if you are flying. Most airlines have weight restrictions and TSA has liquid and other restrictions for carry-ons and check in bags.
  • Bride’s Gift –  The traveling restrictions go along with the bride’s gift for the evening, if you plan to give her one. At a destination wedding, I think it is only fit that the group gives the bride an experience at that destination. Instead of shots and nether region memorabilia, give her a zip lining tour or a jetski rental. If all else fails, a good spa day with her girls will fit in the suitcase, no problem.
bachelorette party on boat with matching bathing suits

A Few Weeks Out

Now is the time most of the girls are getting their personal things in order, like who’s going to feed the animals and cover shifts at work? Take time for yourself, you’ve been planning this trip and focused on it, so make sure you haven’t missed anything for yourself either. You deserve it after all!

  • Accommodations – Confirm accommodations and any venues you may have rented.
  • Transportation – If the ladies are flying into the destination and arriving at different times, try to find people that land around the same time. They can maybe buddy up with a taxi to the accommodations. Or go to a bar near the airport as a central meeting place until everyone arrives. Drinks can be had until you all go to the hotel together.
  • Fun Activities – Now is a great time to research what fun activities you could plan at the destination of the bachelorette party. Read reviews, research ticket prices, and find out how easy transportation might be to get there. Once you’ve narrowed down a few places, you can run them across the ladies and see what sounds good to the group. We have a few fun ideas listed on our blog!
Ladies getting a spa treatment pedicures and facials for women

7 Days Before

It’s happening! In just a few days you’ll be on a trip with your best friends for a ride you’ll never forget. Make it a memorable one for the bride to be, and have fun!

  • Mani Pedi – Make sure those toes are pretty and the manicure is fresh for your weekend adventure, especially if you’re headed to the beach!
  • Pack – Time to make sure you have all your essentials, and anything you’re bringing for the party. You can also buy extra bags for your plane ride at this point if you need to. The closer to the flight the more expensive they can be, so purchase early if you know you need it.
  • Don’t forget to check in for your flight and locate any documents you might need.

You’re all set and ready to start heading to the destination bachelorette party that you planned! Now it’s time to breath easy and enjoy the vacation with the rest of the ladies.

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