Wedding Hairstyles to Fit Your Face Shape

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for your wedding, or you’re helping another celebrate their big day, these wedding hairstyles are catered for a walk down the aisle. Finding a perfect wedding hairstyle to fit your face shape can be exhausting and hard to picture unless you actually see it. We have gathered some photos to give you an idea how different wedding hairstyles can look on different face shapes. The look also depends on your hair texture so pay attention! There are a few tips here and there from backstage to help prepare your hair type your perfect wedding look.

Wedding Hairstyles for an Oval Face Shape

If your jaw is slightly narrower than your temples and your face seems to be longer than it is wider, then you have an oval shaped face. There are countless hairstyles that look good, but side weeping curls are a favorite. Plus, it’s oh so Hollywood.

Best Updo

Oval face shape with updo

If you’re wanting to elongate your face, this is the look for you! This helps some that hold more puffiness toward the chin. The on top bun, or top knot, can help bring the eye upwards and in general elongate your face. Add a long necklace or plunging neckline to create an even more narrowing and slimming look.

Best Down Look

Oval face shape with down styled hair

Side swept is key! This looks is greta for the oval face to continue the elegance of the shape. Keep one side of the hair tucked back on one side. You can even place a flower or jewel here for adornment. The other side of the hair should be voluptuous and curly for a look to sparkle.

Wedding Hairstyles for a Square Face Shape

If you have a square jaw shape, then you likely have a square shaped face. Typically your jaw line is sharp an paired with the same width temples if you have a square face.

Best Updo

Square face shape with undo

For a square shaped face the best wedding up do is a loose romantic one. Keep a side swept bang if you have it, for softening of the temples. Longer pieces flowing out around the face frame it softly and elegantly.

Best Down Look

Square face shape with hair down styled

Keeping with a side swept bang, this is the best down look for a square shaped face. Notice we don’t go all the way tight and back with the hair behind one ear, as seen earlier. This look is simple and elegant, and great for someone who you rarely see with their hair down.

Wedding Hairstyles for a Round Face Shape

If you have cheekbones, jaw, and forehead all at similar width, with a rounded jaw then you have a round face. This mean your jawline is not as sharp as the square faces.

Best Updo

round face shape with updo

This look on Selena is dramatic and gorgeous, but you don’t have to go all in. Just bringing even a few pieces of hair down past the jaw line can help elongate the face and bring the roundness to a more oval appearance.

Best Down Look

Round face shape with down hair styled

A great look for round faces is also the hair swept to one side. In this case, your stylist can create a bit of body near the top of the head, and bring your hair past your jawline. This all creates an elongating affect. If you have very sleek hair that tends to slip and not hold well, make sure to wash your hair 24 – 48 prior to styling. Wash it well and do not put any product in it, let it air dry. This will give you stylist clean hair, but not freshly washed. Don’t worry about a little grease, they have product for tha

Wedding Hairstyles for a Heart Shape Face

If your jaw is narrower than your temples and your chin comes to almost a point, then you have a heart shaped face. This can be more prominent when paired with a windows peak hairline.

Best Updo

heat faced shape with undo

This is a glam and edgy look for a heart shaped face. By accentuating the top of the head you actually step into the heart shaped face more, and its beautiful! It gives an old school sweetheart glamour to it that just fits perfectly. If you don’t want to much accentuating, you can opt for a more sleek look, and bring a few pieces down in the front to soften the undo.

Best Down Look

heart faces shape with hair down

The queen of the down hair look, Jennifer Aniston. A middle part is perfect for the heart shape. Layers that frame the face are even better!

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  1. Best Updo Style: “Oval face shape allows for universal styling and gives a bride many options to explore,” says Dana Marcovici, Butterfly Studio Salon Wedding Specialist. Because your options are endless, experiment with a detailed bohemian braid or ultra-femme chignon.

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