Wedding Cakes for Summer Weddings

Summer is full of bold and vibrant colors, so why shouldn’t your wedding cake reflect that? Yes, we do mean forego the traditional white wedding cake, in favor for a more vivid one.

When throwing a summer wedding, we tend to focus on the decor to reflect the season we are getting married in. But we often overlook the wedding cake, and go the traditional route, and choose an all white cake. But what if you strayed away from that, and got creative instead? Here are some fun summer wedding cakes ideas for your summer wedding!

The Citrus/Orange Style

The citrus/orange style is a fun and different look for your wedding cake. Nothing screams summer like having a bold color like oranges and yellows, and summer motifs as your cake decor.

Photo by A Heart String; Cake by Nine Cakes –

The Tropical Look

Not all summer wedding cakes have to be bold and vivid in colors. Some can be subtle with just the “summer” decor on a white cake, or have a subtle hue like the ocean blue cake pictured below. Here are some fun ideas and inspiration if you still want the summer wedding look, without all the vibrant summer colors.

Photo by A Heart String –
Photo by Mallory Dawn Photography –


Florals on a wedding cake is always a classic look. Colorful florals that make a statement are just fun. And you can take many liberties with this accessory on your cake.

A fun twist – this cake features bright colored flowers, as well as watercolor versions of the flowers painted on the cake, it’s fun and just as vibrant, and gives this cake a unique look.

Photo by Mademoiselle Fiona –

The two cakes pictured below each feature a tier with a statement color, while the rest a of the cake is subtle, but still gives off those fun summer vibes.

And if you feel like representing summer in full force, then yellow is the way to go. The cakes featured below, do a great job at representing this vibrant color in a beautiful and unique way. It combines the perfect florals, contrast, and colors to finish off these pretty looks.

And there you have it, our summer wedding cakes ideas and inspirations for your summer weddings.

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